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This is website for playing 5T version of morpion solitaire. You can also download (or upload) your game in pentasol compatible text format and save as SVG image.

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What is interesting

For 34 years the world record was 170 moves done by Charles-Henri Bruneau in 1976 by hand on a paper. It was surpassed in 2010 by a game of 172 moves, made with a computer. You can read about it more here.

How to play

The score is the number of moves, the goal is to get the highest score.
A move is made by placing a dot to create a sequence (horizontal, vertical or diagonal) of five dots. A line is drawn through the five dots to record the move. Another move in the same direction can't use the already used dots except those on the edges of the move - the lines can't overlap, but can form a continuous line.
The game ends when there are no possible moves.

Hints and Controls

The orange crosses are positions with possible moves (you can place a dot here). If the cross is brighter, more moves are possible on the same place. Hover with mouse above the orange cross and you will see an orange line that represents a move, that you will make, if you left click here.

choosing a move

If there are more possible moves, you will also see a thick grey line for every possible move. Clicking right mouse button will change to the other moves.
There will also appear green and red crosses. They signify places where new possible moves will be created (green) and where existing possible moves will be lost (red). The brighter the cross, the more moves will be created/lost on this position.

On the phone

Choosing between several possible moves on one position is done by swiping anywhere on the screen.

Menu explained

score - number of moves played

undo (one move)
redo (one move that was undone)

toggles visibility of more items (so they don't take too much space on a phone for example)

undo ten moves
redo ten moves

reset (delete all moves and undo history), you can also reload the page

zoom in
zoom out

download file containing text representation of the game
upload game from a text file

download svg image of the game
link to this page (about)